Bryan Harrelson

Naked Yoga for Men

About Bryan

Want to know more about me, naked yoga, retreats and my massage? Watch this video in the bathtub with me and Mike Enders The Accidental Bear.

When I first began my journey into the world of yoga in 2007. I believed that yoga was a right. I continue to hold on to that belief today. Anyone who wants to do yoga should be able to do so. For that reason I am proud that all of the classes that I offer are donation based.

I began my training in the Ashtanga style of yoga. After completing my Ashtanga Teacher Training I was introduced to Anusara Yoga and fell in love. I have a total of 380 hours of Yoga Alliance certified training. Now I practice and teach in a style that is authentic to myself in the moment. Sometimes I teach a slow meditative class while other times I teach a more rigorous class. All of the classes that I teach focus on the breath and on physical alignment. And students of all levels are welcome to every class.

In my classes I do not use a lot of the imagery and religious overtones often associated with yoga. To me to be spiritual is just to be embodied. I do begin my classes with an om and end them with a namaste, but I try to theme in a way that is grounded and relatable to everyone.

Want to know more? Why not come and see for yourself. Your first class is always free. And in an attempt to help create community if you come to another class and bring a friend the you can come in for free as well.

Teaching Philosophy

In my classes I attempt to create a space where one can get in touch with their body. To me being spiritual means being embodied. Most of us spend so much time in our heads that we forget to feel. I find the breath to be a gateway to the body. By focusing on our breath we can clear our minds, come into our bodies, and engage in physical sensation. That is my focus as I teach.

I also see yoga as a metaphor for life. The more mindful I am on the mat the more mindful I am off of the mat. The more I slow my practice down the more I slow down in life. If there is something missing in my day to day I introduce it to my practice. I have found this to work for me and my hope is that it works for others.

My relationship to my mind, body, and life has changed dramatically since beginning my yoga practice. It has brought me so much joy that I want to share what I have learned with others in hope that it will effect them positively as well.